In the Spotlight-Melanie Sivley, LCSW

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

We have such an amazing community of therapists. Reaching out to a therapist you don't know is scary! The member spotlight was created to help our community get to know the therapists in Central Illinois and to promote mental health wellness. With that in mind, it makes sense that I should be the first in the spotlight. So with no further I am!

I am by nature an introvert and dislike being in the spotlight, so I'll keep this brief-ish. I grew up in Rogers Park in Chicago, moved to Oak Park for high school. I ‘ran away from home’ after high school by joining the army. Military Police of all things. Life was interesting for a few years. After the army, I ended up working at the Lincoln’s Challenge Academy in Rantoul, IL. I was a cross between a drill sergeant and a mom and I loved working with at-risk-youth.

Working at the Challenge started the journey that ended with my being a therapist. I bounced around a bit more before finally getting my bachelors and then my Masters of Social Work at U of I. By that time, I had the experience (read-I was getting older) to know it was time to start slowing down.