Tips for setting boundaries
Boundaries-More Than A Fence In Your Backyard

I find myself talking about boundaries a lot. What they are, why they’re useful. How to set them and most importantly, how to maintain them. It’s not uncommon for people to grow up without boundaries. Often, our family of origin doesn’t understand boundaries and can’t teach what they don’t know. Sometimes, we are actively discouraged or even punished for trying to set boundaries. After all, people can’t treat us as doormats or take advantage of us, if we have healthy boundaries. It’s not uncommon for people to be praised for their lack of boundaries.

“I’m too nice. I can’t say no. I feel guilty if I say no. I like helping people. I’m a people pleaser.” If any of that sounds like you, then it would be useful to learn about boundaries. One thing to note, you still get to be nice and help others while maintaining boundaries.

Why set boundaries? Boundaries are, in some ways, the ultimate form of self-care. If I put the worl