How We Started

Image by Sapan Patel

As a therapist in a solo private practice, I found myself fairly isolated. I wanted to connect with my tribe but there didn't really seem to be a central place to do that. And thus Honraku Academy was born. I created a clinician FB group and organize meetups for us. We had our first therapist retreat in Sept. and I am in the process of organizing quality conferences for therapists so that we can learn new skills to bring back to our clients.


At some point, I realized that in addition to our therapist community not having a cohesive center, our larger community in Central IL didn't know much about local therapists. Providing education about mental health issues along with promoting mental health well being is a passion for me. For those reasons, with the help of some amazing clinicians in our community, the therapist directory was created. (Is being created as of Jan. 2020)


My vision for the therapist directory is to have a central place for people to find real, local therapists. Learn about who they are and the services they offer and to help anyone in need connect with their perfect therapist.


The blog is the icing on the cake. The blog is where you get to get know all the beautiful therapists in our community while we talk about all things mental health.